Everything to Know About Threads, Instagram's New App That Rivals Twitter

In this article, we will delve into the details of Threads, the new app by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Threads is poised to take on Twitter in the social media space, and its launch has sparked excitement and speculation among users and tech enthusiasts alike.

Threads: A Brief Introduction

Threads is Meta's latest offering, a standalone app focused on facilitating conversations through short snippets of text on a free, conversation-based platform. Developed under the guidance of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Threads aims to capitalize on Instagram's strengths while creating a new experience centered around text, ideas, and discussions.

Apart from sharing text, users can also post photos and videos up to five minutes long, making Threads a versatile platform for expression. Within hours of its launch, Threads amassed an impressive 10 million users, signaling its potential as a formidable competitor to Twitter.

Getting Started with Threads

To access Threads, users need an Instagram account as the platform is closely linked to the photo-sharing giant. Upon downloading the app, users are prompted to either log in with their existing Instagram credentials or create a new account if they don't already have one. The seamless integration with Instagram allows users to carry over their followers, following, and blocked accounts, making the transition to Threads smooth and user-friendly.

Key Differences Between Threads and Twitter

While Threads and Twitter may share some similarities, they diverge significantly in several aspects. One of the most noticeable differences lies in the handling of posts and timelines. Threads, like Instagram and Facebook, employs an algorithmic timeline, displaying content based on relevance rather than chronology. In contrast, Twitter follows a reverse chronological order, showing the most recent posts first.

Threads also offers a unique feature by allowing users to upload their posts to Instagram Stories, facilitating cross-platform sharing. However, unlike Twitter, Threads lacks support for hashtags, limiting users' ability to discover content through specific topics.

Another important distinction is the absence of a trending section on Threads, and the platform does not display ads at the time of its launch. However, as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned, monetization plans may be introduced in the future.

Signing Off from Threads

While Threads offers an array of features, it does have a drawback related to account deletion. As of now, users cannot delete their Threads accounts separately without entirely removing their Instagram accounts. However, they can deactivate their Threads accounts to hide their profiles and content. Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, has acknowledged this issue and stated that they are exploring ways to allow separate deletion of Threads accounts.

Threads and the Future

With the rapid surge in users and Meta's track record of success with feature integration, Threads poses a significant threat to Twitter's position in the social media landscape. Zuckerberg's competitive nature and plans to connect Threads to the Fediverse through the ActivityPub protocol highlight his ambitions to make Threads seamlessly integrate with other platforms.

While it remains uncertain whether Threads will fully replace Twitter, its strong start and Zuckerberg's determination suggest that Threads is here to stay and may revolutionize the way we engage in conversations and share ideas on social media.

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